Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – Planning and Evaluation Group


The School of Agricultural, Food and Biosystems Engineering (ESTIAAB)  is part of the Technical University of Madrid. The ETSIAAB´s history began in 1858 as the Central School of Agriculture of Spain for training Agricultural Engineering students so they became officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and other dependent agencies. Nowadays, ETSIAAB, as part of the UPM, continues its work in favour of agricultural and food activities development and technification.

ETSIAAB is one of the most prestigious Spanish University College in the area of Agriculture and Food. It has 16 ha of experimental fields with different facilities as greenhouses, livestock premises, machinery warehouses, seed bank, winery, cheese factory, oil press and labs for teaching and research. The number and quality of our professors and staff guarantee excellent support and monitoring to our students and projects, leading to a solid formation and specialization in disciplines such as engineering, food, crop and animal production, agricultural economics or biotechnology.

 Contact person:

José M. Díaz-Puente